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Veronika Kastlová

She is a former member of the OLDstars acting studio which she left in 2005 after being accepted to the JAMU Theatre Faculty in Brno where she received a Bachelor’s degree. She also received it at the Faculty of Architecture of the CTU in Prague where she is currently completing her doctoral studies. Within her JAMU studies, she interned at Divadlo Na zábradlí in Prague (dir. J. Nvota) and Mahen Theatre in Brno (dir. A. Goldflam). She directed, for example, plays by J. Topol: Kočka na kolejích (‘A Cat on the Tracks’), R. Cousse: Bitva pro dvě kýty (‘Battle for Two Hams’), V. Holan: Čum do ráje (‘Stare at the Paradise’), O. Novotny: Proud (‘Current’), she took part in the play by N. Sadur: Chudnaja baba. She considers creating high-quality spaces for the storylines and stories of people (both ‘real-architectural’ and ‘illusive-theatrical’ spaces) important and entertaining. She has always been playing lacrosse, has a weakness for elephants and for coffee in a small cup.

Veronika Krištofová

She studied art history at the MU Faculty of Arts, worked in marketing, media and culture (e.g. as a manager of Lobkowicz Collections or a director of a private gallery). She has been interested in literary and literary-dramatic art since the age of 15. Like many other authors, she started writing poetry and short prose texts. She published her first poetry collection, Woman of India/Inside, in 2005. Olympia published her novel Rich Girls five years later.

Her dramatic work has been shaped by her acting in the theatre environment since her early childhood. At the age of five she became a member of the amateur ensemble of J. K. Tyl in České Budějovice. Theatre became her main hobby which she also did during her studies in Prague in the form of cooperation with various amateur and semi-professional theatre and theatre-dance ensembles. In recent years, however, she has devoted herself to dramatic and stage production.

She wrote her first adaptation called Kacířka (‘The Heretic’), which she also realized at the METRO Theatre, in 2007. She has consulted her production with important authors of Czech literature (Josef Škvorecký, Milan Uhde) and later cooperated with authors on the adaptations of their works, namely on the adaptation of the book The Swell Season with Josef Škvorecký and on the adaptation of the play for children Amélie a tma (‘Amelia and the Darkness’) with Petra Neomillnerová.

She is currently working on another script and cares for her three children. 

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