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next opportunity to see us live...

August 20th 2020 at
Renesance Opočno festival

 taking place at State castle Opočno

A Balli! 

…meaning ‘Dance!’ or ‘Dance-like’ in the Old Italian

We are trying to fulfil these meanings. To draw the audience into the dance, either by spirit or physically. And, of course, to move in the rhythm of dance with joy, so that we reach a discourse among the dancers and the musicians - when a dancer manifests his or her feelings and music experience through dancing, and a musician perceives the mood on the stage and supports it by playing according to the dancer’s performance - as it is requested by the old masters whose works we use as a source.

We pay attention to historical faithfulness, the dancers and musicians are dressed in dress reconstructions of the time, place and society represented.

The musicians play replicas of period instruments, unique in Central Europe. The used props correspond with the time and society we represent.

We dance the reconstructions of Renaissance dances from Italian dance collections of the late 16th and early 17th century. The compositions we use for dancing were reconstructed for us from original notations or lute tablatures. It allows us to dance the dances as they were written, without any adjustments that are usually necessary for music recorded without the presence of a dancer or a dedicated musicologist, as well as those that are unavailable to other dance groups because no one has recorded them yet.

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