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Adéla Jelínková


Her theatrical career began with the roles of Dunaša (Marriage by Nikolai Gogol) and other supporting roles in the predominantly Russian plays (Elizabeth Bam by Daniil Charms, Petushki by Venedikt Yerofeyev, A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole) in the Association of the Friends of Desider Oláh. She has been involved in historical dance since 1999, also being interested in the development of clothing, its composition and design. She focuses primarily on the 15th and 16th centuries in dancing. She danced and rollicked in the Regii Caroli regis dance ensemble until 2004. Since 2006, she has been a member of the Rond group and now she and Hana Major Sládková and Alena Chaloupková lead its historical section dealing with the reconstruction of Burgundy court dance, French Renaissance and English Renaissance and Baroque bourgeois dance. She has also been focused on the reconstruction of Italian manneristic dance together with J. Patík and L. Sosnovec since 2014. She and Hana Major Sládková organize a Rudolphine Ball every year and lead the so-called Pre-Ball Revisions – the public courses of Renaissance and Early Baroque bourgeois dance. 


She completed internships of modern and historical dance under the guidance of Czech and foreign lecturers (M. Kinsky, D. Scrivener, L. Baert, B. Massin, M. Bär le Corre, M. Greb, L. Dradi, B. Goldoni, F. Dofek, V. Křesadlová, Z. Pavlištová, J. Drahokoupil, K. Dürichová, D. Biedermann, J. Pokorná, H. Tillmanová, H. Slačálková, K. Doležalová, M. Bryan, M. Smaha, T. Suchomel and others). She sang under the leadership of M. Jirglová, J. Kosinová and J. Chaloupková, N. Uramová, P. Holden and B. Laffont Murcia.

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