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Hana Nezvedová


A Balli is the last step on her long journey through the world of dance and movement so far. She received her physical training during her several years long attendance of gymnastics courses in her childhood and in 2004 she moved her preferences towards Irish dance. Under the leadership of TCRGs Anne-Marie Cunningham and Ronan Morgan, she achieved the highest performance category ‘open’ and managed to compete in the Continental European Championship; she also attended a prestigious seminar led by Colin Dunne. She is currently in the top management of the Irish dance group Coiscéim where she also performs as a choreographer. After several previous noncommittal courtships, she took part in practising historical dances for the first time at the turn of 2012 and 2013 when she first participated in the pre-ball seminar of the Rond dance group and subsequently attended a number of other workshops led by K. Klementová and A. Jelínková whom she now meets also in A Balli. Besides the historical dance, Hanka is also devoted to the reconstruction of historical clothing and her perfectionism in this area is bordering on obsession – which the other members of A Balli appreciate very much.

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